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Xbox Series X Fridge meme has become a real thing

Both the Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 feature new, bigger and more vertical designs and both have received their fair share of jokes and criticisms. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, however, the Xbox seems to have embraced the association of its new console with a refrigerator in more ways than one. In addition to just accepting the meme and agreeing with it, it looks like Microsoft really decided to make it real. It’s not exactly shocking coming from a company that makes console-themed overalls.

When the design of the Xbox Series X was unveiled in March, the Internet quickly clung to it and created a meme. It may have been a stimulus of marketing genius that the Xbox took advantage of this wave, comparing the size of the Series X console with a giant black refrigerator. More than half a year later, Xbox took this meme to the extreme.

The famous YouTube iJustine received a gigantic package that, after laborious unpacking, revealed a larger-than-life Xbox Series X box, an exact replica of the console’s retail packaging. But instead of just holding a giant replica of the console inside, the Xbox actually sent iJustine a perfectly functional refrigerator designed to look like an Xbox Series X.

The similarities, however, don’t stop there and the attention to detail when replicating the console on a larger scale is definitely impressive. From lighting to sound effects, this is definitely a recreation that Xbox fans would love to have in their homes, assuming it can even fit.

Unfortunately, only one of these fans will be able to take one home. YouTuber reveals that only three of those Xbox Series X refrigerators were made, one of which is now with rapper Snoop Dog. The other will be reserved for a raffle that Xbox fans will be eager to participate in.

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