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US Army receives an update to its night vision capabilities

The United States Army has released some new images showing how its new night vision technology works. The video shows a demonstration of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B). The updated night vision system is part of the Army’s efforts to modernize its combat force.

The video of the night vision system in action was shared via Twitter, which can be seen below. The vision features provided by the night vision system seemed to outline everything in orange and create a scene that looked like outlined in neon. The night vision systems used by the Army in the past showed everything with a greenish glow.

The green glow was generated by electrons traveling through a tube of green phosphorus. The new technology uses a white phosphor tube paired with image enhancement technology. Because it is military hardware, the technology behind the system is a secret. Compared to previous night vision systems, the contrast and resolution of the images are greatly improved.

Source: Slashgear

The glasses weigh about a kilogram, and development took place in the laboratory and in the field using a soldier-centered design. Soldier feedback has been incorporated into the design and function of the ENVG-B system through what the Army calls the soldier’s points of contact.

The US Army says that the creation of the ENVG-B system and other Advanced Technology that is being implemented by the Army means an evolution and technology not possible without feedback from the soldier. Another image of the glasses shows that they can be used in both eyes or just one eye, depending on the soldier’s needs and can be removed from the path when not needed in a variety of ways. It is unclear when the new glasses can be deployed in the field for active service units.

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