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Unusual thing saved my mother from a “horrible” facial rash

A mother of two who had a stubborn and embarrassing facial rash was finally able to turn things around with an unusual correction.

A mother of two who developed an embarrassing facial rash after going through a stressful divorce discovered an over-the-counter drug that costs just $ 13.

Angela Simson told that the “horrible” rash around her lips and covering her chin severely affected her confidence.

The Gold Coast mother and wellness coach, now 33, said she had suffered from perioral dermatitis since she was a teenager, but the condition was never serious until the end of the marriage.

“When I was 30 and I went through my divorce and I was obviously very stressed, it exploded a lot,” said Angela.

“It was on the bottom half of my face. It was red, hot and itchy, and I didn’t want to go out in public.

“If I went out in public, I would put on makeup, which made it worse.”

“It was like it was on fire.

“It was so frustrating. I was getting divorced and traveling a lot on business.

“I speak about health and well-being, I was doing a lot of events (across the country) and I was mortified.

I talked to people and ran to the bathroom every five or ten minutes to put on makeup and see how bad it was.

“It really affected my confidence. When I wasn’t traveling for work, I stayed at home, ”she said.

“I didn’t want to go to the supermarket, I didn’t want to go out in public where someone could see me, because I was ashamed of that. It looked awful. “

Angela said she treated the rash with a steroid cream, which made it temporarily disappear.

“But then it got even worse,” she said.

Since then, she has learned that steroid creams can often result in the treatment of a skin rash in the short term, but fail to improve the condition in the long run.

She said she had already used a shelf product to treat a rash on her hands that she developed after using cleaning products at work.

Angela said that using a $ 13 diaper balm made by MooGoo “helped a lot”.

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