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UK climate: Arctic blast to bring temperatures down and cut bank holidays

The bank holiday will have a much more variable climate, with rains and low temperatures replacing the sunny sky with the start of the new month in the UK

An explosion in the Arctic is expected to cause temperatures to drop during a bank holiday weekend, with the possibility of further flooding.

The Met Office warns of sparse rains “becoming heavy in some places” and sub-zero conditions in the coming days, as the UK sees it in the new month.

This week there have been torrential rains in parts of the country, with photos showing how high tides have caused flooding in The Strood, Mersea Island, Essex.

Central and southern England may see more persistent rain tomorrow and there is even a chance of snow in the Scottish highlands.

The climate of the bank holiday in early May is expected to be more variable than recently, with rains and mild temperatures in most parts of the United Kingdom, rather than the clear and sunny skies of the past few days.

The Met Office said the weekend will bring “a mixture of sun, rain and a cold east wind with a northeast wind”.

He added: “The showers will be more frequent in the north and east, but they can spread over land during the day.

“There is likely to be some winter in the Scottish highlands.”

Weather charts show the temperature plunging to just above freezing tomorrow morning
Source: Mirror

National weather agency meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said: “You can get a little rain in the next few days, which will increase the totals.

“It was a very dry April, with some areas of the United Kingdom showing a very small margin of their average April rainfall.”

It was one of the driest April on record, with Britain recording less than a fifth of the month’s average rainfall so far.

Visitors brave high winds and rain on Blackpool promenade
Source: Mirror

And it is on track to be the coldest April in the UK in 60 years, as clear skies keep temperatures low overnight.

An average of 13 days of air frosts have been reported across the country, exceeding the 11 days seen in April 1970, according to provisional data from the Met Office.

The past few weeks, however, have seen a lot of sun and some temperatures above 20 ° C.

The peak was felt last week in Porthmadog, Wales, where mercury peaked at 20.8C on Friday.

UK 5 day weather forecast

Tonight and Tonight:

Rain in the southern areas, maybe heavy in places for a while, clearing Kent only after dawn; many areas in the southeast are free of ice. Otherwise, light spells leading to frost in some rural areas, although sparse rains affect the northeastern, wintry areas in the hills.


Some rays of sunshine, but initially sparse rains in the northeastern areas, developing more widely in the afternoon, and winters in the northern hills. Mostly dry south. Cold sensation, especially in the east and in the north.

Perspective from Friday to Sunday:

Sunny spells and sparse rains, heavy in places. Temperatures remain below average with cold nights and frosts in some places.

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