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Turkey’s blockade: nation under stricter measures until May 17 to save tourism

TURKEY is expected to enter its first total blockade, with residents stocking up alcoholic beverages amid news of alcohol prohibition.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that the country will undergo rigorous measures starting today and ending on May 17. The measures are expected to save summer tourism in Turkey and “stop” the spread of the coronavirus “quickly”.

Erdogan said: “At a time when Europe is entering a reopening phase, we need to quickly reduce the number of our cases to less than 5,000 in order not to be left behind.

“Otherwise, we will inevitably face high costs in all areas, from tourism to commerce and education.”

Hospitality deals are already closed across the country.

However, the new rules indicate that people should only leave home for essential purchases and medical emergencies.

Turkey lockdown: Erdogan
Source: Express

They also require official certification to travel between different cities.

Alcohol sales in the country will be banned in supermarkets from April 29 to May 17, officials told Bloomsberg.

The ban has caused controversy with critics claiming that it affects people’s private lives.

Ozgur Aybas, president of an association that represents Turkish liquor stores, accessed Twitter to express his opposition to the measure.

Turkey lockdown: Bazar
Source: Express

He wrote: “This is clearly a blow to private life and the culture of food and drink.

“Coronavirus is the excuse.”

Opposition lawmaker Veli Agbaba echoed similar claims, adding that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) was trying to intervene in people’s lives.

He wrote: “This ban has nothing to do with the pandemic.

“It is completely ideological. It is the last straw in the AKP’s intervention in people’s lifestyles and not in the pandemic. “

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