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This Bugatti Divo Lady Bug’s geometric paint job is truly one-of-a-kind

The Bugatti Divo is a Chiron for the race track, but this Lady Bug version with its diamond-shaped fade patterns is best appreciated while the car is stationary. As if Divo were not outrageous enough, a lucky customer in America wants to go overboard. And, as expected, Bugatti succeeded, although it took a while to overcome the challenges of creating an exclusive and unique painting for Lady Bug.

“Each Bugatti Divo is unique. With the ‘Lady Bug’ tailor-made, Bugatti demonstrated the full range of its customization experience, ”said Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti. The car really demonstrates what the brand is capable of in terms of creativity and skill. “

Creating Lady Bug’s geometric-dynamic algorithmic fade pattern looks easy on paper. Given the Divo’s three-dimensional sculpted body, 2D digital standards were distorted when applied to the car body, which is not good enough if you are paying more than $ 5 million for a track-ready version of the Bugatti Chiron.

“The Lady Bug was an exceptional challenge and, at the same time, an unforgettable experience. Due to the nature of the project, in which a 2D graphic was applied to a 3D sculpture, we were close to giving up ”, said Jörg Grumer, head of color and finishing at Bugatti Design. “However, it is our deep conviction that we must never give up and that our main motivation should always be to make the impossible possible for the customer.”

The entire project took two years to complete while Bugatti CAD modelers simulated and created a diamond pattern design with about 1,600 individual diamonds in six-meter-long transfer films. Each diamond (yes, all 1,600) is checked and realigned on the body to rule out any distortions.

The designers spent countless hours rehearsing the application procedure on two test vehicles before the moment of truth.

“Each maneuver had to be exactly correct in this arduous task; therefore, we decided to do another rehearsal before the final stage of the work. Because there could only be one attempt on the customer’s car, and that had to be perfect, ”said Dirk Hinze, a customization and surface specialist at Bugatti.

The final step is to apply the paint finish before meticulously peeling each diamond. The base color, Customer Special Red, is contrasted with graphite and varnish to invert the pattern. According to Bugatti, the painter took two weeks to sand, smooth, check, touch up and sand every millimeter of the body surface again.

The result is a unique Bugatti Divo Lady Bug, the only one that exists. It has a standard 8.0-liter W16 engine with 1,479 horsepower. As the Divo weighs less and has more downforce than a regular Chiron, it spins Nardo’s handling circuit eight seconds faster than the previous one.

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