This 30-Minute EMOM Workout Will Push You to Your Limits

This three-move series will empty your gas tank.

EMOM exercises, or “every minute by the minute”, are useful for emptying the tank with minimal effort. Just set a timer and get to work, and all you have to do is finish the allocated reps before a minute is up. You rest for the remaining time and start again in the next minute.

Concluding these reps may not be the hardest thing to do in the first minute – but how are you feeling in the fifth? And the tenth? In this Jay Jay Maryniak EMOM, you will set this timer for 30 minutes and go through three different exercises, so you have many opportunities to make or miss the target.

If you are unable to make target reps early in training, feel free to scale down. Do not sacrifice your form to do more work.

When the timer starts, move with 8 beats of burpee rope. Hit the rope with both hands on the floor and then lower the floor to make a burp, keeping your hands on the ends of the rope in a neutral grip.

Rest until the minute is over. This will probably be your biggest rest. If you have trouble finishing the reps, just keep the battle rope.

At the top of the next minute, power through 16 med. The goal here is to generate explosive, rotational energy starting at the lower body and extending across the chest and shoulders. Wrap and return to the ball like a rubber band and propelling your weight to the nearest foot to the wall. Release the ball when your arms are perpendicular to the wall. Grab the ball in the jump and turn to the opposite side, using your strength to help you make the next throw.

Maryniak alternates sides with each hit, but if you’re relatively new to rotational hits, do 8 reps with the right side facing the wall and then another eight in the opposite direction. This will allow you to focus on proper execution to generate as much power as possible. Rest for the rest of the minute.

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At the last minute, make 20 seconds of a fully band-resistant sprint. Attach a resistance band to a squat stand, wrap it around your hips and run in place, driving your knees and pumping your arms. To counter the band’s strength in the hips, focus on maintaining a light, lean torso, working against the band’s resistance.

Rest the remaining 40 seconds and continue repeating the cycle for 10 rounds of each movement, or a total of 30 minutes.

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