‘The Walking Dead’ actress Vanessa Cloke arrested

Vanessa Cloke, the Walking Dead actress, was arrested on charges of assault and assault, according to local media on Tuesday.

The incident occurred while the ex-boyfriend was collecting belongings from their apartment.

According to reports, police were called in to keep the peace when Cloke’s ex left.

TMZ reported that Cloke was physically involved with a woman who was recording the incident on her smartphone.

According to reports, the woman filmed while the actor shouted comments about his ex, his family and his animals.

The woman with the cell phone was heard calling Cloke the “drama queen.”

Cloke picked up the woman’s phone and threw it off the stairs.

The phone landed in a parked car, causing damage to the vehicle.

Citing unidentified sources, TMZ reported that Cloke’s boyfriend, who broke up with her recently, called the police.

He had asked the police to be present while collecting their things while predicting problems.

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