The Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses

Beauty has also been the best tool for actresses to attract attention. In addition to Korea, mainland China is famous for having a large number of beautiful actresses in Asia. However, have you ever wondered who are the first among a “forest” of women? Hotpot TV has compiled a list of the 15 hottest and most beautiful actresses in China. Let’s put them on your idol list!

10. Fan Bingbing

With her red lips and white skin, Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 is always the queen of the kill. From Jin Suo’s first impressive role in “My Fair Princess” in 1999, to “Empress of China” in 2014, Fan Bingbing changed her public image from a pure princess to a powerful queen.

9. KIKU Ju Jing Yi

The 90’s singer and actress, KIKU 鞠 singer 祎 (Ju Jing Yi), proved her ability among the younger generation. KIKU is like your ideal girlfriend at university, kind and caring, with a bit of a daring sense of look. Do you want to know how she works acting? Watch The Legend of White Snake!

8. Zheng Shuang

Another girl next door that you could easily fall in love with! Zheng Shuang 郑 爽 also brings a new and comfortable feeling to us. Her beauty is cute, perfect and gentle. Don’t miss your romantic love story with one of the most beautiful actors in China – Yang Yang 楊洋 in Love O2O.

7. Angelababy

Angelababy 杨颖 (Yang Ying) conveys a unique sense of charm mixed between Chinese and German. His large, penetrating eyes, together with the smooth structure of his face, bring us a feeling of cleanliness and clarity. See her on the most famous TV show Running Man China and the romantic drama General and I.

6. Yang Mi

Yang Mi 杨 幂 is so famous that all C-drama fans know her! If you love the kind of smart girl with exciting eyes, Yang Mi is absolutely your style! The beautiful actress acts in several areas, such as acting, singing and TV shows. Experience some of his most significant works: Takes a Real Man 2, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Legend of Fuyao.

5. Yang Zi

Yang Zi 杨 紫 became extremely famous recently with his great performance in Go Go Squid, Ashes of Love and The Oath of Love. With almond-shaped eyes and heart-shaped lips, Yang Zi feels like a girl next door with whom we always love to talk.

4. Cecilia Liu

Cecilia Liu 刘诗 诗 (Liu Shi Shi) has a perfect face shape with a balance between her expressive eyes and defined bone structure. She is absolutely every boy’s dream girlfriend, do you agree? His new drama “To Dear Myself”, with rising actor Zhu Yi Long, will be released soon this year.

3. Guli Nezha

Uighur too, but if Dilraba Dilmurat brought a sense of sexy enchantment to every person who looked at her, Guli Nezha 古力 娜扎 would be that fresh and adorable neighbor. The fans said, “It can bring back the feeling of first love for us!” If you want to know more about this lady, watch her Retourner Le Monde à Toi now!

2. Liu Yifei

Embraced by big eyes and round lips, Liu Yifei 刘亦菲 conveys a unique traditional beauty. C-fans even called her “Fairy Sister” since she looked so pure and clean. Recently, she became completely brilliant and brilliant in Mulan Movie, one of her best works of all time!

1. Dilraba Dilmurat

No one can deny the charm of Dilraba Dilmurat 迪丽 热 巴 (Di Li Re Ba). The 28-year-old actress has won numerous accolades for her unique exotic beauty, with a straight nose, thin lips and piercing eyes. This Uighur lady is also doing well in the drama field. Make sure to watch his latest drama, The Pillow Book: Eternal Love of Dream.

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