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The iRig Pre 2 is a high-quality audio interface for your smartphone or camera

If you want to maximize the quality of the microphone to record on your smartphone or mirrorless camera, size matters. The tiny 3.5 mm microphone connectors on most of these devices offer a weak signal path and do not allow you to use better quality microphones. IK Multimedia has a potential answer with iRig Pre 2, a pocket microphone preamp that allows podcasters, musicians and videographers to use state-of-the-art XLR microphones to record, broadcast or play.

The iRig Pre 2 uses two AA batteries to provide + 48V phantom power for about 7 hours of continuous use. If you have a dynamic or ribbon microphone, you can turn off the phantom power and get about 20 hours of battery performance. Better yet, the automatic switching circuit allows the iRig Pre 2 to automatically adjust to the audio input levels of most digital cameras. Hopefully, that includes some with unstable entry levels – looking at you, Panasonic GH5.

IRig Pre 2 comes with a velcro strap so you can connect it to your camera or microphone stand and comes with the FREE app for recording audio and video, along with VocaLive FREE for live performance and multi-recording tracking. It arrives in March 2021 and is now available for pre-order at the IK Multimedia online store or at authorized resellers such as B&H Photo Video.

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