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The DJI Mini 2 battery drain issue will have a firmware fix soon

DJI has already launched no less than two new drones this year, which despite the legal disaster it has in the USA because of its involvement in the activities of the Chinese government. Fortunately, he has not forgotten his relatively new products, namely the DJI Mini 2. The owners of this drone have reported minor, but still unfavorable, problems with their LiPo battery. The good news is that it will only need a software fix. The bad news is that his arrival is still unknown at this point.

Some DJI Mini 2 owners have reported that the drone’s battery does not discharge slowly over time when left on the drone or charger while it is not charging. While this usually seems like a good thing, the problem is that it also shortens battery life. LiPo batteries, in particular, need to discharge very slowly when full to prolong their life, however ironic it may seem.

DJI’s Intelligent Flight Batteries actually have this function, but it turns out that the batteries in the DJI Mini 2. Most owners probably didn’t realize this, as it can only surface in tests and more detailed examination. correction is also not that difficult.

In a statement to Digital Photography Review, DJI says it will release a firmware update that will fix this situation. It will initiate automatic discharge when the battery is left in the drone or charging hub and has not been used recently. It does not say, however, when it really plans to release this update.

While it can be expensive in the long run, since users may have to replace their batteries sooner, the problem is actually very small and, fortunately, does not pose a security risk. That said, DJI recommends that the owners of the Mini 2 remove the battery when it will not be used for a long period of time, with or without the firmware update.

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