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The charges were dropped against the Vancouver man arrested on Christmas Day for allegedly hosting parties

The charges were dropped against a Vancouver man who spent Christmas in prison for allegedly hosting repeated parties in violation of COVID-19 public health orders.

Shawn Adrian Lloyd, 24, was charged with two crimes under the Public Health Act for allegedly having a meeting on December 18, 2020: violating the provisions of the law and failing to comply with a health official’s order.

Court records show that both charges were suspended on April 20, under the direction of the Crown.

BC Prosecution Service spokesman Daniel McLaughlin told Global News that the decision to suspend the charges was made after more information was received by the prosecutor with the conduct of the file.

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After reviewing this new information and the rest of the materials in the archive, McLaughlin said the prosecutor concluded that the accusation approval standard could no longer be met.

According to the load assessment guidelines applied by the BC Prosecution Service, the charges will only be approved or continued when the Crown Council is satisfied that the evidence collected by the investigative agency provides a substantial likelihood of conviction and, if so, that an indictment is needed in public interest.

In this case, McLaughlin said the prosecutor “concluded that the probationary test was no longer carried out and ordered the trial to be suspended.”

Lloyd was arrested on Christmas Day and spent one night in prison.

At the time, he lived on the 48th floor of the Trump Tower on Vancouver’s Georgia Street.

Vancouver police said they had received 12 complaints about noise and parties at the downtown apartment since September 2020, and when a neighbor complained about another loud party on December 18, they decided to raise the stakes.

“Our officers issued several warnings and fines to this man over the course of several weeks, asking him to stop throwing parties during the pandemic,” said the sergeant. Steve Addison said in a December 30 statement.

“He made it clear that he has no plans to stop, so our police got an arrest warrant.”

Lloyd was released on Boxing Day on $ 500 bail and several conditions – including that he must answer the door if the police knock, comply with all provincial health orders and have only two people in his home.

He still faces a violation fine under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act for an alleged incident on December 13, where he is accused of failing to comply with the public health order that prohibits meetings and events.

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