THE 4-MOVE works for bigger Biceps

Train your guns from all angles – and stick your forearms while you’re at it – with this weapon training.

As a former Golden Gloves boxer, South Carolina’s top-performing gym owner, Clay Burwell, knows a thing or two about weapon training. When it comes to building big biceps, you can’t deviate from doing some kind of curl, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your workouts with any number of curl branches. In this Burwell-designed routine, two bodybuilding staples (inclined dumbbell curls and cable curls) are grouped together with TRX curls, where you increase your body weight using just your biceps.

This combination of free-weight training, constant tension provided by cables and a gym-like force movement will provide a spark to help lift even the toughest bicep peaks. And since no good pair of arms is complete without adequate forearm and grip strength, Burwell took a tiring walk of a farmer with four swaying kettles. Expect some arm pain the next day after this.

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Biceps and Grip Workout

Unilateral Cable Curl38
Incline Dumbbell Curl410
TRX Curl38
Figure-8 4-Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk210 laps

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Unilateral cable ripple
Burwell’s Tip: “For variety, try using no attachment strap. Grasp it by the rubber cap and move about one and a half meters away from the stack. The cable angle adds resistance at the top of the movement and the hammer handle offers more emphasis on the brachioradialis muscle.

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Incline Dumbbell Curl 0

Incline Dumbbell Curl
Burwell Tip: “Make sure you keep a dead arm in your arms, with your elbows pointed at the ground at all times. At the top, keep the contraction for two seconds.

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Suspension Trainer Curls

TRX Curl
Burwell ‘s Tip: “Your arm should be perpendicular to your torso and there should be a 90 degree angle in your armpit.

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Figure-8 4-Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk
Place two five-pound plates on the floor about 15 feet apart. Select two heavy (32-50 kg) kettlebells and two lighter (8 kg is ideal). Hold a lightweight and a heavy kettlebell in each hand and walk in a figure 8 pattern around the five pound plates. Do 10 turns in total. If you can do more than 10 turns relatively easily, use heavier kettlebells.

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