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The 10 Most Realistic Hollywood Celebrities – Incredible Celebrities

Being famous and cool are two different tasks and not everyone can do that at the same time. There are several celebrities who are the most humble and lovable people off camera as well. They reflect extreme gratitude for their fans and the people around them and convey positive vibes. Here are 10 of Hollywood’s most realistic celebrities.

10- Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul and his stunning wife Lauren
Source: Wonderslist

This star who shot to fame by starring in the Breaking Bad series is the kindest, most open and approachable celebrity you’d love to date. He connects with fans looking for him and is nothing but friendly and down to earth. Check out this video where he greets a van full of fans outside his gate and gets goosebumps with them! He is also known for delivering audio greeting cards to random people in person and surprising them by saying “Hey, I’m Aaron, how’s it going ?!” As if we didn’t know that you’re Aaron, stop being so cute, please! He has a special way of involving people in his own kind of fun! Fans wrote a song about him ‘Caring Paul Loves Everyone’ when the series ended.

9- Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston
Source: Wonderslist

Most of us would consider Goldblum to be a guy with a peculiar sense of humor, but he is usually a lot of fun, loving and the sweetest guy. When signing autographs, he not only signs them, but also makes eye contact with each of the fans and makes a point of thanking them deeply. He is so approachable and has the initiative to make contact with celebrities that he first meets in interviews. He does not ignore or pass on private or improbable questions, but approaches them in an ingenious way with all their charms.

8- Will Smith

Will Smith most Down to Earth Hollywood Celebrities
Source: Wonderslist

Will Smith is as cool and cool as he looks. He is also known for his generous donations and charity. Another word to define it: Family Oriented. It’s hard to imagine him without his family, whether on a talk show or on a regular show. These values ​​even appear in your work. As a rapper, Smith is known for having clean lyrics and his videos have never been rated PG in his entire music career. There is no difficulty for children and also for parents to love this type of guy!

7- Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris most Down to Earth Hollywood Celebrities
Source: Wonderslist

Everyone knows that our Star Lord is funny, but did you know that he also has a compassionate side? From a goofy employee at Parks and Recreation to a super movie star and a heartthrob, Chris Pratt hasn’t changed a thing. He reaches out to his fans by signing autographs, posing for selfies and chatting – which his fans appreciate very much. He uses his fame for good to appear in children’s hospitals dressed as the Lord of Stars to spend time with sick children. This is so cute!

6- Adele

Most Down to Earth Hollywood Celebrities Adele
Source: Wonderslist

Adorable, funny and humble is what makes Adele everyone’s favorite. With her sweet laughs and one with a whole accent, this singer is never afraid to be silly and spontaneous. She has a very accessible relationship with fans and whether she will take pictures of her photos or make surprise visits to her private music shows! Most important of all, she is a fan herself. That’s right, the celebrity is really madly profoundly dizzy with Rihanna’s songs.

5- Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne Johnson & Wife Lauren Hashian
Source: Wonderslist

If you happen to follow Dwayne on any of the social platforms, you will know that he trains a lot, has whiter teeth and how full his food is to do good deeds. It never fails to make people feel good and inspire them. He once surprised a fan by making a surprise visit to his wedding as a minister and even married him with some free advice! He’s the type of guy that everyone wants to be on your team. He is excited to overcome challenges with a sense of humor and that is what he spreads around him.

4- George Clooney

George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin
Source: Wonderslist

Clooney is not afraid to be personal with his fans, instead, he fits into his zone and takes selfies by making strange faces that today’s generation loves to make. He also played basketball with civilian fans in his hometown.

Here is a video that you can check out in action and keep in mind that there is not just one video of him playing like that! In addition to being a public sportsman, he is also an important activist and humanitarian. Therefore, he is known to have a heart of gold. He loves to hang out with his teammates and is also a family-oriented man.

3- Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman with wife Deborra-Lee Furness
Source: Wonderslist

Hugh Jackman is known as Mr Nice Guy among his fans and his co-stars! Considering the way he talks about his colleagues and his undeniably genuine sweetness towards his fans, that is why he is labeled as one of the sweetest celebrities in Hollywood. Celebrities surprising fans is not that unusual in the industry, but when Hugh Jackman does it, it is priceless! Check out this poignant video of him surprising an Australian Wolverine fan who had fibrosis at birth.

2- Keanu Reeves

Top 10 Awesome Celebs
Source: Wonderslist

As successful as he is, you must admire how humble and gentle he is. No matter how much suffering he has suffered throughout his life, still so serene, he makes everyone fall in love with him. People who have had any kind of interaction with him claim that he is one of the most wonderful people of all time. Without an ounce of ego, just determination and integrity. He interacts with his fans and is often seen chatting with random people outside airports or any other public place he visits. He gives up his seat to people on the subway. Keanu distributes huge amounts of charity from his payroll. He dresses simply and does not buy irrational things. Check out his random act of kindness in this short video. In fact, a humble guy at his core!

1- Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson Most Down to Earth Hollywood Celebrities
Source: Wonderslist

Tom Hanks won millions of hearts the minute he hit the screens. And he is also adorable and compassionate behind the scenes. It is impossible to find any negative testimony from fans about him and not even a single scandal over the decades of his successful career. He’s the kind of guy who makes kindness look cooler with a touch of his modesty and quirkiness! People keep talking about how kind and reasoned he is. In addition to posing for hilarious random selfies with fans at restaurants, weddings or hearing his name being sung at a football game, he is a genuinely family-oriented person! Women see him as the “Husband’s Goals” or the best husband you can have. He invariably keeps talking about his wife’s greatness on random talk shows and about what she could have done better than choosing him!

There are several other celebrities who are not on this list, but that does not make them any less pleasant. Some of these honorable mentions are; Jackie Chan, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Tom Hiddleston, Ellen Degeneres, Patrick Stewart, Ed Sheeran, Steve Carell, Kurt Russell, Paul Walker, Chris Evans. Did I miss any?

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