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Tesla delivered more cars than in the first quarter of 2021

Tesla’s production capacity continues to grow

Tesla delivered nearly 185,000 cars in the first quarter of 2021, more than it produced in the three-month period, according to figures the company released on Friday. Tesla has increased production capacity and has almost missed CEO Elon Musk’s goal of delivering 500,000 cars by 2020.

Of the cars Tesla delivered in the first quarter of 2021, almost 183,000 were Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, more than the 180,000 of those models produced in the first quarter. In addition to deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y, the company also sold 2,020 additional Model S cars that were produced in previous quarters.

Tesla announced redesigns for the Model S and Model X in January 2021, which added new engines, longer range options and the car’s widescreen display of the more popular Model 3. Tesla says the designs were “exceptionally well received” and which is in the initial stage of increasing production of both new models.

The company has not released specific delivery numbers for cars in China, but Tesla says he remains happy with the reception of his newest Model Y in the country. China has been Tesla’s focus since it opened its Gigafactory there in 2019, which the company seems to see as critical to meeting demand for its cars. When Tesla shared its financial figures for the fourth quarter of 2020, it announced that its Shanghai plant could allow the production of up to 1.05 million cars per year.

Tesla and Musk have yet to announce an ambitious 2021 delivery target, but compared to 88,400 cars delivered in the first quarter of 2020, Tesla looks like it is starting on the right foot to beat last year’s 500,000 car goal.

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