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Technics SL-100C turntable is an entry level model for audiophiles

Technics, Panasonic’s state-of-the-art audio company, has announced a new “entry-level” record player that offers audiophiles a more affordable way to embark on their premium vinyl product line. The newly unveiled Technics SL-100C has a number of cutting-edge features, including an engine drive unit that features technology developed for the latest generation SL-1000R and SL-1200 series turntables.

The new “entry level” Technics turntable is made for audiophiles who want a vinyl player for the home; some of the features you will find in the company’s DJ-oriented models are missing, while maintaining the premium features expected from the company. You won’t get, for example, an internal phono stage and the SL-100C features an Audio-Technica VM95C pickup, which helps to reduce the cost at a slightly “cheaper” price.

This model features a single-core, direct-drive rotor motor joined by a double-layer structure plate. The rear surface features cushioning rubber that, Technics says, eliminates gears and unwanted resonance. The new SL offering features the same machined housing and gimbal suspension as the SL-1200 Series, while rubber and spring are used to dampen vibrations.

Customers can expect a universal static balance S-shaped tonearm, the pre-installed Audio-Technica AT-VM95C cartridge and a self-life function that automatically lifts the cartridge at the end of registration, helping to preserve it from wear and tear. additional.

Pooling the resources is what Technics describes as a “simplistic visual design” that fits well with minimalist home layouts. Technics will launch its new SL-100C turntable in the UK and Europe in July for £ 799. It is unclear when / if the model will also be available in the USA.

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