T-Mobile Home Internet service expands to cities across nine states

T-Mobile announced another expansion of its home Internet pilot, adding another 130 cities and towns to its list. The residential Internet service is powered by T-Mobile’s LTE network, making it particularly attractive to people living in rural and underserved locations, where high-speed broadband is difficult to access.

T-Mobile Home Internet is one of the few options for consumers who want to get high-speed access to the Internet through a mobile connection, instead of a traditional cable or DSL provider. The company’s product costs $ 50 / month without a contract and other things common to traditional service providers, including hardware rentals.

Customers in certain areas have had access to T-Mobile Home since last year; the company says the feedback was good and is now expanding coverage to other cities in parts of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota and New York.

The full list of newly added cities and towns is available on the T-Mobile website here, with examples including places like the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn region, Grand Rapids, Bismarck, Cleveland-Elyria, Gettysburg, Pittsburgh and more.

The home Internet pilot currently uses T-Mobile’s LTE network, but the company says it is preparing to launch a 5G option nationwide – which will cover more than half of US homes, it says – in the next six years . In qualified locations, T-Mobile claims that its home Internet is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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