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Spider-Man on PS4 will let you export saves to PS5 remaster

It’s really no secret and, to some extent, understandable that game developers and publishers want to sell as many copies of a game as they can. This is double if a company has its hands on the game and the console on which the game would run. This situation is what practically made Spider-Man’s PS4 and PS5 titles a mess. Sony appears to be finally willing to give players a bone, allowing them to at least transfer the saved game from Spider-Man from PS4 to the remastered version on PS5.

Nothing else has changed in this regard. The only way for players to obtain the Spider-Man: Remastered version is by purchasing Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition or upgrading from the Miles Morales title to PS4 and upgrading to the Ultimate Edition. Sony is adhering to this scheme, at least for now, with no direct upgrade path from the Peter Parker version on PS4 to the PS5 Remaster.

Last September, however, Sony also dropped a bomb on players. It would not support the transfer of your PS4 game data to the PS5 counterpart. That basically meant starting over, which could be what Sony wanted players to do anyway.

After a big negative reaction, Sony relented, as it is now announcing that the saved games will be transferable after all. This may mean that you won’t like the graphical update unless you start from the beginning, but you will see Peter Parker suddenly sporting a new face.

This game export feature won’t come until a few weeks later, which means it will miss the PS5 launch window. To make the wait worthwhile, Sony will also give PS4 players a treat in the form of three new costumes previously exclusive to the Remastered version, in case they haven’t decided to switch to the new console yet.

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