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Sony and Discord Announce Partnership to Boost PlayStation Chat

Sony and Discord announced today that they are teaming up to reinforce the social experience on PlayStation. This partnership between the two companies was announced after Sony made a minority investment in Discord during the company’s most recent round of financing. Now that Sony is co-owner of Discord, it looks like we’re about to see the two companies working together to build the PlayStation’s social features.

Discord, as many players know, is an application used for voice and text communication. Discord has been aimed primarily at players for much of its life, although with 140 million monthly users, it is safe to say that it has expanded more and more into the mainstream today. As for what this partnership with PlayStation is going to involve, the details are still pretty scarce, but Jim Ryan mentioned what the two companies will work on in a post on Sony’s interactive website today.

“Together, our teams are already working hard to connect Discord to their social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network,” wrote Ryan. “Our goal is to bring Discord and PlayStation experiences together on the console and on the phone from the beginning of next year, allowing friends, groups and communities to go out, have fun and communicate more easily while playing together.”

So it looks like Sony plans to integrate Discord with the PlayStation’s own chat services, but to what extent it’s up. Will we see an official Discord app for the PlayStation 5? There is much to be revealed, but it is important to note that it was only a few months ago that we were discussing a potential purchase of Discord by Microsoft, only to see Sony turn around and make an investment of its own.

For now, we know that there will be some level of integration between PlayStation and Discord, but that’s it. Jim Ryan says more details will be shared in the coming months, so for the moment, all we can do is sit back and wait for that information to be reversed.

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