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Shiny Pokemon GO Swablu community day: Finally MEGA

Today we’re going to take a look at the next Pokémon GO Community Day and discuss why YOU shouldn’t ignore it. Usually, when you see a Swablu in the wild, you … probably just jump. This monster evolves into Altaria and is generally OK – not great. But wait! This Community Day is different from the others – this day delivers Altaria’s first MEGA-EVOLUTION, bringing an exclusive novelty: Moonblast!

This event will include a more common Shiny Swablu and the first release of Mega Altaria. You’ll also find an exclusive move for Altaria: Moonblast! Moonblast has 110 power / 60 energy with a 10% chance of -1 attack). Dazzling Gleam has 110 power / 70 energy, while Dragon Pulse has 108 power with STAB / 60energy. So, if you lose Moonblast and have Dragon Pulse instead … it’s no big deal.

This Community Day will feature 3 hours of Incense and 1/4 incubation distance for Pokémon Eggs. You will have the opportunity to make Swablu appear via Photobomb five times. Take an AR photo with your game camera and Swablu should appear in your photo after you hit the shutter, and again free to capture.

There will be an optional special “Bird with Cotton Wings” survey available for approximately $ 99 cents. There will also be a “Community Pack” available for 1280 coins. This package includes 1x Elite Fast TM, 50x Ultra Ball, 5x Incense and 5x Super Incubator.

This Pokémon GO Community Day will take place on May 15, 2021. It will start at 11 am and will last until 5 pm local time, wherever you play. And yes, it MAY be that if you are traveling around the world at tremendous speed, you could spread this Community Day for much more than 6 hours. If you have the means to do this, you are living a delightful life, for sure.

At the head of this article is an image that uses an illustration from the DemonicSugarcube in DeviantArt. This same artist has a lot of other Pokémon illustrations and other amazing pieces of work!

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