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Seven more coronavirus patients die in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: Seven more COVID-19 patients died in Faisalabad on Thursday. According to a health department spokesman, the death toll from COVID-19 has risen to 764 in the district and 210 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

He said 1,022 tests for coronavirus were carried out in public and private hospitals during the same period. He said that so far 10,985 patients have recovered from the disease, while the total number of active cases in Faisalabad has reached 5,335. He said 305 beds were allocated at Allied Hospital, 106 at DHQ hospital and 150 at Ghulam Muhammadabad General Hospital for COVID-19 patients.

At the moment, 274 patients, including 171 confirmed, were being treated at Allied Hospital, while 112, including 24 confirmed admitted to DHQ hospital, and 65, including 34 confirmed, were admitted to General Hospital Ghulam Muhammadabad. In addition, 3,454 patients are in isolation at home.

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