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See how parents can stay zen during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preparing and navigating parenthood already poses challenges for many, but the COVID-19 pandemic has added extra layers of suffering and stress.

Actress Sarah Wright Olsen recently visited The Morning Show to share her tips on how parents can remain Zen during the pandemic.

Olsen and fellow actress Teresa Palmer founded Your Zen Mama, a blog to share their experiences and tips on motherhood. The two have already released a book entitled Zen Mamas on how to deal with pregnancy, childbirth and more.

There are different ways to help stay calm at home, says Olsen, adding that things like having a picnic outside to get vitamin D or taking a shower would be great ways to find time for yourself.

In addition, she suggests creating a fun night of the week to make it different from a “normal” night at home.

“We have a theme during the week where Monday night is a night of speech, Tuesday night is a night of history, so we tell different stories from different parts of our lives,” says Olsen.

For parents who have felt loneliness, Olsen says that she and Palmer had a hard time finding a community in their own cities.

“During the pandemic, we looked for what has been a comfort to us: online classes for babies or for parents or calls with our friends to Zoom,” she says.

His Zen Mama has also created a community of women from around the world, adds Olsen.

“I think it brings a lot of comfort when you’re reading stories about people who are going through the same thing as you, but who don’t necessarily live on the same street as you,” she says.

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