Samsung Galaxy S11 has a 9-to-1 Bayer sensor on its 108MP camera

Samsung is already working hard on the Galaxy S11 layout, and based on reliable typography, we expect a cure next year. Twitter user UniverseIce has revealed that the Galaxy S11 + will have a 108 MP sensor with 9-to-1 Bayer technology.

In a separate tweet, the daisy showed off the design of the phone. The Galaxy S series will adopt the design of the A and M lines with a huge rectangle in the upper left corner.

Quick math on the 108 MP sensor reveals that the output will be 12 MP, but with such pixel count, we may have the sharpest images a smartphone has ever produced. The individual combined pixels will be 2.4μm in size – by far the largest around.

Looking further into the details of the camera layout, we can see that the bottom shooter is actually a periscope camera. According to the lichen, the upper shooter is an ultra-wide angle camera, the one in the middle is the main one, and the periscope is there to support company, playing the role of the telephoto lens. We also expect the flash and the ToF to be there, hidden to the right.

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