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Samsung expected to launch four foldables next year

If it was still unclear that Samsung is all-in on folding, this news about his plans for 2021 for the product line may dispel those doubts. This, of course, if reports that Samsung has no fewer than four foldable phones planned for next year are right. Make no mistake, however, we will still see only two foldable form factors, despite this, suggesting that Samsung will again be playing the variant game as it did with its other smartphones.

In 2021, Samsung’s foldable line will still consist of foldable and foldable shapes. Samsung seems to be more interested in refining what has proven to be technologies that work, rather than mixing things up again with a new factor, and with good reason. That said, it would give LG, OPPO and even Xiaomi the opportunity to beat Samsung in the mobile phone market next year.

The fact that he has four folding phones planned for 2021 is curious and not surprising at the same time. We already expect there to be a Galaxy Z Fold 3 and a Galaxy Z Flip 2, which accounts for half that number. What the other two will be, however, is still somewhat uncertain at this point.

ETNews says that Fold and Flip will have variants. The publication does not exactly differentiate the two models of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, except that one will have the supposed S Pen feature. Unlike this year’s Galax Z Flip, both models of the Galaxy Z Flip 2 are supposed to support 5G and differ only in specifications and features.

This leaves room for one of the four to become the long-awaited and affordable foldable “Lite”. Perhaps even both have their Lite versions, which could help make the market more accustomed to seeing these devices at large.

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