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Samsung Bot Handy uses “the appropriate amount of force” to grab items in your home

In the future, there will be a smart home robot coming to your home, called Samsung Bot Handy. This is one of the companions in the Samsung robot collection, called “Bot” and the most recent made to work at your home. If you’ve been following Samsung’s line of robots for the past few years, you’ve seen several “Bot” devices.

The Samsung Bot Handy is currently “in development”, but was shown to work during CES 2021. This device works with “advanced AI” to “recognize” objects by size, shape and weight. The “useful” part of his name is his ability to pick up objects, “becoming an extension of you and helping you with work at home”.

The Samsung Bot Handy can handle dishes after a meal. You will wash each dish and put it on a shelf to dry – this robot can take each dish and put each dish in its cupboard without breaking.

Samsung suggests that the Samsung Bot Handy “will be able to tell the difference between the material composition of various objects, using the appropriate amount of force to grab and move household items and objects.”

No word yet on when this robot will be launched, and no price has yet been shared by the company. We are likely to see robots like these hitting stores in the coming years – but we can’t be sure until Samsung confirms all the details!

Above you will see the short demonstration that Samsung gave the public at CES 2021 of this Handy Bot. We hope to see much more at the end of this year, when events become a little more open and public!

Samsung also displayed the latest version of its “Samsung Bot Care”. This is a robot that uses AI to recognize and respond to its behavior. He will learn your schedule, learn your habits and “send you reminders to help guide you through your busy day.”

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