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Samsung and Adidas come together in a very special Galaxy Buds Pro – but you can’t have them

Samsung today announced that it is partnering with Adidas to offer a new special edition pair of environmentally friendly Galaxy Buds Pro. Galaxy Buds Pro will be offered in a new package called “Galaxy Buds Pro with Adidas Originals Special Pack”, and this package will offer more than just wireless headphones. Users will also receive a wireless charging case in the shape of an Adidas Originals snapback, along with a coupon for a pair of Stan Smith sneakers.

Unfortunately, those of us here in the United States are unlikely to have a chance to buy this Special Originals Adidas Package anytime soon, as it has only been announced for South Korea until now. Galaxy Buds Pro, the charging case and the coupon come in a packaging designed to look like an Adidas Originals shoe box with green stripes.

The snapback charging case, says Samsung, is made from recycled plastic, while the Galaxy Buds Pro is made from 20% post-consumer recycled material, so that’s what Samsung is referring to when it says this is an offer ecological. The buttons themselves are available in their usual three colors – Phantom Black, Phantom Silver and Phantom Violet – so, unfortunately, it looks like we’re not getting a color scheme that matches the green and white Adidas Originals.

The coupon included in this package will allow owners to purchase a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, but we are not sure if there are any discounts associated with it. Connecting Galaxy Buds Pro to your phone will unlock Adidas Originals themes for the lock screen, icons, messages and phone app, but unfortunately, we didn’t see any of them in Samsung’s announcement today.

This Adidas Originals Special Pack will be released in South Korea on April 7 and it looks like it will be extremely rare, as only 6,000 units are being produced. They will cost KRW 279,000 (about $ 247) and will be live at 7:30 pm on the Samsung website and Kakao Shopping Live, so if you are going to try to steal a unit for yourself, good luck.

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