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SA interrupts international arrivals with 12 rooms left at Tom’s Court, dedicated COVID-19 positive hotel

The director of public health revealed that there are currently only 12 rooms available for COVID-positive patients

South Australia’s top public health official revealed that the state currently has only 12 COVID-19 rooms available for positive patients.

Speaking on ABC Radio on Tuesday morning, Nicola Spurrier’s comments came as the state registered 14 new coronavirus infections on Monday; all travelers who returned from abroad in medi hotels.

Professor Spurrier said that a large number were not “unexpected” because there was a flight from Malaysia scheduled to land at SA on Saturday.

She said hotel staff at Tom’s Court, including the nursing staff, worked on Friday to “rearrange” guests to create additional space.

Professor Spurrier added that there were “some flights” scheduled to land at SA in the past few days, but they would be diverted to other states.

“I am pleased to say that we were able to accommodate these additional cases,” she said.

“Obviously, if you continue to receive 14 boxes a day, you will not be able to manage this, but we have received an extension with the flights.

“It gives us the chance for some people at Tom’s Court to be dismissed and it takes some pressure off us during that time.”

Toms Court Hotel – 27 April 2021. Picture Dean Martin

When asked about the total number of active cases that could be safely managed with current resources, Professor Spurrier explained that it depended on how sick people were and the family group.

She said there were 12 rooms available on the state’s dedicated COVID-positive facilities, which she described as “reasonable capacity”.

“We try to have guests at the ends of the hotel,” she said.

“This reduces the viral load that can concentrate the passage, but if we had to increase our capacity, we would have to change our guests, which is what we did on Friday.

“We don’t have people crushed and about to burst at the seams.

“Nurses are comfortable with the way things are going at the moment and we expect some highs in the next few days as well.”

There are currently 32 active cases in the state, with two infected people residing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

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