Retro Fitness Is Offering BOGO Free Gym Memberships for the New Year, So Grab Your Workout Buddy

For a limited time, new Retro Fitness members will be able to gift a free one-year gym membership to any workout partner of their choosing.

Working alone is good, but having a fitness partner by your side to cheer you on while you crush your goals is even better.

If you need a little extra motivation for your best friend, family member or partner to join you at the gym, Retro Fitness is offering BOGO’s best deal for the new year: when new members sign up, they can offer a free one-year gym membership to someone else – yes, really.

From now until January 17, Retro Fitness offers new members the ability to give a free annual membership to a friend of their choice so you can work out with a family member, friend, colleague or partner throughout the year .

BOGO memberships start at $ 19.99 per month (for those who are offering) and include access to the gym’s cardio, circuit and weight equipment, locker room (with showers), as well as a team assessment and nutrition plan from Retro Gymnastics. But your recipient may choose to upgrade to the BOGO Academy’s “Ultimate” membership for access to perks like group exercise classes, babysitting services, and more. The best part: If your recipient wants to upgrade, they will only have to pay the difference between the two types of membership ($ 10 per month) instead of the total cost of the “Ultimate” membership ($ 29.99 per month) , Andrew Alfano, CEO of Retro Fitness, says Shape. Very sweet, right?

While there is certainly nothing wrong with working out at home or exercising alone, more people are gravitating for group fitness, Alfano says. The fitness chain recently conducted a nationwide online survey of more than 1,000 gym members ages 18-60 (who were members of different gyms, not Retro Fitness) to learn about their exercise preferences. . It turns out that research has found that exercising alone is not enough for most people.

“The results showed that most gym goers prefer to exercise with a friend, family member, other relative or other gym colleague, rather than exercising alone or at home,” explains Alfano. “People inspire people, and it helps them stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals.”

In fact, there’s a lot of science to support the benefits of making gym time a joint effort.

Research-supported benefits abound for working with a partner. For example, a 2015 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine explored health behaviors in nearly 4,000 couples and found that when one partner adopted healthy habits – such as quitting smoking and including regular exercise in his routine – the other partner was much more prone to adopt the same healthy habits.

But even if you’re not engaged, you’re still likely to work harder when you go to the gym with someone else, instead of exercising alone: ​​In a 2010 study published in the Journal of Social Sciences, researchers randomly assigned 91 college students to one. of the three exercises of equal duration and intensity: pedaling alone, pedaling with a “high-fit” partner (ie, someone who “worked out hard” and communicating how much he likes to exercise, according to the study), or walking cycling with a “low fit” partner (defined in the study as someone who “barely exercised” and claimed to “hate exercise”). Researchers have found that, in general, people tend to “gravitate toward” the behavior of those around them when it comes to exercise. In other words, if you are working with someone who seems to be trying hard, you are likely to expand your efforts as well.

Committing to a workout with someone else can also help to keep you both accountable to your fitness goals.

Regardless of whether your goals align with your co-worker’s goals, sweating alongside someone else can keep you both motivated, according to Retro Fitness survey results. So even if you are focused on 5k training while your fitness partner works on the deadlift, simply being there to support each other can help you both achieve success.

Science also supports this: Indiana University researchers surveyed people who participated in a fitness program over a 12-month period, including 16 couples and 30 “singles” (ie married people who joined the program without a spouse) . They found that people who exercised without their spouses were significantly more likely to leave the program compared to those who exercised with their partners, even for couples who were not doing the same type of exercise in the program. The study authors even named “marital support” as the primary motivator for those who remained consistent with the fitness program.

Workout goals aside, exercising with someone else might just make you feel more zen in general.

A study of 136 college students published in the International Journal of Stress Management found that people who exercised on an exercise bike for 30 minutes with a friend reported feeling calmer after training compared to those who pedaled alone.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of working with a partner are virtually unlimited. But if you’re afraid that your gift for the free BOGO academy might go the wrong way (the reaction to Peloton’s viral announcement earlier this month), Alfano believes it all has to do with your intentions and how you fit it.

“The Buy One, Give One membership offer [shows] that you want this person to be by your side as they inspire you to reach your fitness goals,” he says, adding that the gift can also encourage “a closer bond. “between you and your gift.

So grab your friend, tie your sneakers and hit Retro Fitness before the deal is over.

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