Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & 10

Sometimes when deleting multiple files you mistakenly delete a photo on your Galaxy Note 9 or 10, or anyone else deletes a precious photo from your phone. Don’t get frustrated with deleted photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or 10, luckily there are several ways to recover deleted photos. Looking for easy ways to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 10, follow the guidelines in the article and restore deleted photos.

Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 10

There are several ways and software by which you can recover your deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 10. Here in this article, I provide the top three methods for recovering photos. Either you have Galaxy Note 9 or Note 10, all methods will work for you.

Method 1. Recover your photos from Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin

To restore your photos from the Samsung Cloud Recycle Bin, you must have synced your gallery app with Samsung Cloud and enabled it before. If you haven’t synced your phone with Samsung Cloud, you won’t be able to restore your photos this way.

Samsung Cloud is where your photos are saved and backed up. Even when something happens on your mobile device or tablet, your photos are safe and sound and you can get them from Samsung Cloud. If you have not used Samsung Cloud, try and sync Samsung Cloud with your mobile phone or tablet by following the steps below.

How to sync Samsung Cloud with your Galaxy Note 9 or 10
You must first add your Samsung account to your phone to use Samsung Cloud. Follow the steps below to add your Samsung Cloud to your phone.

  • Go to Settings of your phone
  • Find Clouds and Accounts tab on that
  • Tap Samsung Cloud to open it
  • Tap on Gallary
  • Turn on Syncing Options to Sync all your photos to Samsung Cloud

You can view your Samsung Cloud account on the web by visiting Samsung cloud support. After you sign in, you will be able to see all your data and sync files.

When you are connected to Samsung Cloud on your Samsung phone or tablet, you can recover deleted photos from the Galaxy Phone Recycle Bin.

Recover Photos from the Galaxy Phone Recycle Bin

  • Open the Gallary app
  • Hit the icon three dots at the top right corner
  • Tap Settings > Recycle Bin
  • Here you will see the deleted photos which can be restored

Method 2. Restore Deleted Photos From Google Photos App

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or 10 consists of Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Duo and Photos. If you synced your phone with Google Photos, your photos are backed up to Google Photos. Whenever you want to restore your deleted photos or videos, you can restore them from there. Follow the steps below to restore your photos from Google Photos.

  • Open the Google Photos app on your phone
  • Tap the menu at the top left and then tap the Trash icon
  • Select the photos you want to restore, Tap Restore to get your photos back.

Keep in mind that Google Photos only keeps deleted images for the last 60 days. Also, if you have backed up your photos to other cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, restoring photos on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or 10 is having the same process on Google Photos.

Method 3. Recover Deleted Photos Using the Software

If you haven’t synced Galaxy Note 9 or 10 with your account and don’t have a cloud backup and neither method worked for you, it’s time to recover your files using file recovery software.

There are many recovery software such as Android Dating Recovery Software, Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery and many more. Here we test Android data recovery software to restore deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or 10.

Here are some of the key features of this software, according to its developer:

  • Compatible with almost 6000+ Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 10.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Recovers: Contacts, Messages, Call History, Photos, Videos, Music, WhatsApp messages, and many more
  • Easily recovers any file types with or without Android root
  • The user-friendly program especially for beginners
  • With Preview option before data recovery
  • With Selective recovery option for desired files only
  • 100% recovery rate and trusted by millions of Android users worldwide

How to use Android data recovery tool

Step 1: Download the tool to your computer and install it.

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or 10 to your computer.

When you connect your phone to the system, it prompts you to debug USB. Instructions are provided with the images. Follow the steps and click the OK button.

Step 3. When the software detects your phone, you will see the list of data you can restore. If you want to restore your Gallery, check the Gallery box and click “Next” to search your phone for deleted photos and videos.

Step 4. Upon completion of the verification process, all files deleted from the gallery will be scanned. You can review them and click the “Recover” button to restore them.

For users who have not backed up their files on cloud backup platforms, this method will work to restore their deleted files and data. What software and methods do you know which will help Samsung users to restore their deleted files? Please feel free to share with us the comments section below.

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