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Ramaphosa says the Tripartite Alliance should come together and help the ANC win the October elections

President Cyril Ramaphosa used his May 1 speech to call for the strengthening and unity of the Tripartite Alliance before the next local government elections in October.

This is up to Cosatu to warn the party to remedy its act or bear the consequences.

Ramaphosa was giving his May 1 speech on Saturday morning as president of the ANC and called for a united alliance to mobilize and win the 2021 local government elections.

“The ANC appreciates Cosatu’s continued support and especially renewed support for the next Local Government Elections in October 2021. We will, as in the past, work together to develop our Manifesto and wage this campaign vigorously in accordance with Covid regulations. .

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“We must all work for a decisive victory in the elections for the local government. We have heard calls from workers to improve the way the Alliance works and we are working together to achieve this, ”said Ramaphosa.

He said that it is in times of difficulty, such as Covid-19, that the Alliance must continue to show united leadership, calling for the alliance not to be diverted from the challenging tasks ahead and to deal with issues that cause conflicts and divisions. , but be clear about how to meet people’s needs.

“A united Alliance, formed by the popular movement, the vanguard and fighting force of the workers, and a vibrant civic organization, is still the best force to drive the National Democratic Revolution. It is certainly a strong force to lead our campaign against the pandemic, ”said Ramaphosa.

Cosatu President Zingiswa Losi said that Cosatu and its affiliated unions reaffirmed their members’ decision to endorse the ANC and called on workers to vote for it, but said it was not a blank check for the ruling party. .

“The counselors who plundered must be removed. The ANC must fix the local government and ensure that basic services are provided.

“Municipal workers who were fired for exposing corruption must be reinstated. Municipal workers who have not received their wages must receive what is due to them, ”said Losi.

She added that workers were disappointed in the behavior of many ANC leaders and that it was up to the ANC if it wanted workers to continue to support it.

“Workers love the ANC, but their patience is not indefinite. Clean your Luthuli home or face the consequences, ”added Losi.

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