Punjab Teen Allegedly Spends Rs 16 Lakh In A Month On PUBG Mobile

While PUBG Mobile was making headlines about its new Livik map and being excluded from the list of banned Chinese apps, an excerpt from a bizarre report from the city of Kharar in Punjab appeared. According to a report by The Tribune, a 17-year-old spent Rs 16 lakh making in-app purchases on PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile.

PUBG Mobile has faced much criticism in the past, with cases of minors committing suicide and cases of young people losing lives due to a heart attack, and stroke has increased in number. While the loss of life is damaging, this Punjab case is just as sad. The parents claimed that the amount was reserved as savings for the teenager’s father’s medical expenses and the child’s future needs. In addition, the boy also emptied his mother’s pension fund and his own account balance.

The boy’s parents arrived too late to realize that their 17-year-old son spent so much money on PUBG Mobile. According to the report, the boy’s father is making him work in a scooter shop to make him realize the value of the hard-earned money

Here’s How The 17-Year-Old Spent Rs 16 Lakh On PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, like most games today, offers in-app purchases that players may want to purchase to stand out from the crowd. The boy spent on buying virtual credits to get in-app items, including artillery, exclusive tournament passes and virtual credits over the course of a month.

The Tribune details that the boy used to play PUBG on his parents’ phones. Assuming he used the phone for online studies, the parents handed the phone over to their son, who used to play PUBG Mobile. His father also claimed that his son had all the details of the account, as he made payments online for his mother’s kitten party.

The boy, aware that his parents had saved bank card details on the phone, spent too much on his father’s bank account. His father said his son made transactions on PUBG Mobile and then deleted bank messages. Unaware of the transactions, the parents were shocked to see the expenses when they checked the bank statement.

The boy used three accounts – his father’s PF account, his mother and his own bank account, where the father used to save some money. He used to shuffle credits between the three bank accounts to avoid suspicion. It made it even more difficult for parents to find out the spending. “After we received details from the bank, I found that, on several occasions, he transferred the amount from one bank to another to avoid zero balance. He had been using his mother’s phone for some time and she was not very vigilant in realizing it, ”said his resentful father.

How Does PUBG Mobile Earn Money Through In-App Purchases?

PUBG Mobile is free to play. You just need to install the game, create a profile and start playing. But isn’t it strange how PUBG Mobile achieved the highest revenue (mobile games) in May and June?

In-app purchases may not be the only source of revenue for games like PUBG Mobile, but they are the main contributor to the number. If you notice, the game is frequently updated with new items in the store, new seasons, a real pass and other items like clothes, skins, emotes, weapons and the like. While some are free, there is always something exclusive for players who have a special pass. PUBG Mobile’s dependence on youth has shown toxic signs in the past, and this case scratches a completely new aspect of it.

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