PUBG Mobile Season 13 set to arrive on May 13

The new PUBG Mobile update is expected to bring the Toy Playground Royale Pass on May 13.

The new update for PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 with Season 13 was finally released on the main PUBG Mobile last week. Tencent Games launched the new update that brings the Mad Miramar update along with the Golden Mirado, reworked Win 94, P90 weapon, tilted vision and other things. The new update weighs 1.74 GB and can be downloaded from the store. The new update is scheduled to bring the Toy Playground Royale Pass on May 13. Read also – PUBG Mobile will host a 24-hour live broadcast event for Sandstorm; disables the account unlink feature

Miramar is the second map to be added to PUBG and has remained the same since. The map was updated in the PC version of the game last year. And this new update seems to bring these changes to the map version of PUBG Mobile as well. The developers also updated the results screen user interface. It is set to present some statistics on the weapons used, as well as the greatest damage done to different target areas of the body. The look of Golden Mirado, which was introduced on PUBG PC some time ago, is also coming to PUBG Mobile. Only one Golden Viewpoint will appear in Miramar.

A video posted on Twitter shows some of the rework done on the Miramar map. This includes the new site of the ruins along with a new race track. There is also a new Oasis region to the north of the map. In addition to the new Golden Mirado, the developers also added a 2.7x scope to Win94. This will make the weapon more versatile and easier to use.

The Canted Sight attachment was also introduced with this Mad Miramar update. Sung Vision helps players attach a crosshair, which means that weapons can be used for both short and long intervals at the same time. A new weapon, the P90 SMG, is coming to Arena mode. Vending machines are also being added to the game, which drop painkillers and energy drinks. There is also a Cheer Park feature being added.

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