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PS5 games to be region-free, can’t be played on external storage

With some just counting the hours, Sony has posted a long FAQ that will hopefully address many of the things players have been asking about the PlayStation 5. It is a very mixed package of information, some bringing joy to PlayStation fans while others itch. heads. One of the best parts is that, following the example of Nintendo with the Switch, PS5 games will not be restricted by region. But while players now have access to more titles, they are also extremely limited by how much they can install on the console.

Region locks have long been the bane of consumers of digital content, even before it became notorious in streaming video. Nintendo proved three years ago that it really doesn’t make sense today, in addition to regional maturity ratings and censorship. It is definitely comforting that Sony is also taking a region-free perspective.

On PS5: The Ultimate FAQ, games will not be blocked by region. Ironically, streaming applications will still be limited by region, as the industry has not yet moved away from that system.

Unfortunately, the FAQ also confirms that PS5 games cannot be downloaded and played on a USB drive. Given that the PlayStation 5 has a very limited amount of internal storage, this will leave owners micromanaging their games, which tend to take up an excessive amount of space and bandwidth to download today. It is also quite ironic, considering how PS4 games can run on external storage.

That said, Sony says it is investigating the ability to store, but not play, PS5 games on a USB drive in the future, similar to the Xbox One X. The only storage expansion it is planning is to add M.2 SSD storage inside that will match the speed of the integrated storage. Unfortunately, this also means that expanding storage will be more expensive than necessary, not to mention more difficult to install on your own.

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