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PS5 could get an Xbox Game Pass rival after all

It’s not exactly a secret that PlayStation 4 took the crown the previous generation, with Xbox One in the background. Microsoft struggled to gather sales to compete with Sony in the previous generation, but the fact that the Xbox One lagged behind the PlayStation 4 led to the launch of the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription-based game service that was received warmly by players on Xbox One and PC.

The Xbox Game Pass is an example of how Microsoft gets the best out of a bad generation, and as we enter a new era for games, that will be Microsoft’s primary focus. Sony has long suggested that it believes PlayStation Now is a suitable competitor for the Xbox Game Pass, but now it looks like it may be changing course.

In an interview with Russia’s TASS, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan suggested that Sony is preparing its own version of the Xbox Game. Ryan was asked how Sony intends to respond to the Xbox Game Pass, and said in response: “There is really news to come, but not today. We have PlayStation Now, which is our subscription service and available in several markets. “

So it looks like Sony may be trying to fight the Game Pass in one way or another. Although the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are similar services, as both allow access to a game library in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, they are not entirely similar. Obviously, the biggest difference is the fact that on the Xbox Game Pass, you need to download the Xbox and PC games you want to play on your machine, while PlayStation Now is more focused on game streaming (although the Xbox Game Pass allows you to you make streaming select titles for Android phones too).

With the launch of PlayStation 5, we also saw Sony launch the PlayStation Plus Collection, which is a selection of 20 original and third-party PlayStation 4 games available to PS5 owners, and there are certainly some Game Pass tones. We’ll see what Sony does from here, so stay tuned for more information.

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