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Police officers from Delta, Abbotsford and Langley recover $ 440,000 in stolen trucks and appliances

Three police departments across the Lower Mainland worked together to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in appliances and vehicles stolen more than a week ago.

The Delta Police Department (DPD) said in a press release today (April 28) that the police received a call on April 19 about the theft of two tow trucks from a company in Tilbury. The total value of the two vehicles was $ 75,000.

Later that day, another report came in on two $ 85,000 tractor trailer units stolen from Annacis Island. Both trailers were full of appliances with a retail value of about $ 280,000. DPD explained that the devices are in high demand because of pandemic disruptions in supply chains.

“The police officer who worked on the truck theft started working on this new complaint, to determine whether the files could be linked,” DPD Insp. Ciaran Feenan explained. “She continued digging, following a trail of evidence, and then concluded that the trucks may have been taken to Langley.”

With the help of Langley RCMP, the police located trucks and a trailer, full of appliances, in Langley on April 20.

Source: Straight

After that, the evidence took investigator Delta to Abbotsford, where “she and the Abbotsford police gathered enough information to write a search warrant for a property where it looked like there was an attempt to hide a suspicious amount of large boxes,” according to with Insp. Feenan.

On April 23, the Abbotsford Police Department declared that police officers used a search warrant on block 2500 on Lefeuvre Road in rural West Abbotsford. Police located 93 new appliances in boxes, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves and microwaves.

More than 150 devices have been recovered – and only one microwave remains missing.

The recovered property was returned to the shipping warehouse from which it was stolen. Police have yet to say whether any suspects have been identified.

Source: Straight

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