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Pokemon GO promo codes deliver Incubators, Star Pieces, Incense

Today Niantic has released a lot of changes for Pokémon GO along with a lot of promotional codes. You’ll find promotional codes available from a wide variety of sources today, including tech blogs, game blogs and game streaming individuals. The codes delivered today include a list of items that can be used in the Pokémon GO game.

In the package delivered by Niantic to the masses today with the promotional codes listed below, you will find a Poffin berry, Incense, Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Max revives and Star Pieces. This set of items should allow you to appear in the first of a series of events leading up to the end of the year in the game – when there will be a New Year’s event too!

Promo code package contents:
• 1x Poffin
• 5x incense
• 3x Incubators
• 4x lucky eggs
• 5x Max revives
• 2x Star Pieces

Below you’ll find a list of codes that can be entered as described below to attain the Pokemon GO items listed above. This code redemption process should work ONCE for each player account. If you enter one code successfully, please allow other SlashGear readers to get a chance with the rest of the codes!

Pokemon GO promo codes November 2020:
• HN2SN6K8F8M47

If you are on an iOS device, you will need to go to Niantic Labs’ “Redemption” page and log in using the same account information you use in your Pokémon GO application. If you are on an Android device, you can enter the code on the same page OR you can enter the game store, scroll to the end and enter the code there.

Let us know if you use one of the codes above so that we can mark them! If these codes are fast, we’ll see how Niantic feels about providing a few more.

These codes must be entered by the end of the year 2020! If you are reading this article after midnight between December 31, 2020 and January 1, 2021, you are late! Stay here as we continue to explore all the new content unveiled by Niantic today for the near future of Pokémon GO!

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