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Pixel 5 durability test digs for the metal under thick plastic

Although Google is an excellent software developer and advertiser, its luck with hardware products has been either a success or a failure. Their own smartphones, in particular, are hailed for their “pure” Android experience, but are often criticized for their hardware quality. The Pixel 5 has not escaped this curse, with reports of the screen slightly separating from its frame. But while Google strangely confirms that it is part of the phone’s design, the Pixel 5 is even stranger under the skin.

You would almost assume that JerryRigEverything’s durability test for the Pixel 5 would be boring and common. YouTuber Zack Nelson, however, is almost looking for blood trying to reconcile Google’s ostentation of a 100% recycled aluminum metal body and wireless charging on the Pixel 5. Of course, it has already been established, although not on Google’s own site, the phone is covered with a more environmentally friendly biological resin plastic. The question is how deep the metal is underneath.

Apparently very deep, as evidenced by the most exciting scratch test. The bio resin material is thick and hard, impermeable to acetone. This protects the phone from disastrous drops and, of course, makes wireless charging possible.

What is curious, however, is the metal underneath this bio resin material, in fact, it does not cover all the backs of the Pixel 5. In fact, the auxiliary metal chassis has a large hole where the wireless charging coil is inserted. This means that a large part of the phone’s back is not as protected as the rest, something Nelson discovered in the most difficult and dangerous way.

The good news is that, unlike the OnePlus 7T last year, this large hole does not in any way compromise the structural integrity of the Pixel 5. The fold test even confirms that the screen will not bounce easily, despite reports of its lifting partial on some devices. The phone seems to be difficult, especially with that thick layer of plastic that Google doesn’t seem interested in recognizing.

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