People are defecating outside the queen’s vacation home

London – Hikers are relieving themselves on the grounds of Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish residence, officials said.
Officials at Balmoral Castle, which the Queen often visits during the holidays, complain that baby wipes are left on the property and urge people not to use the place as an outside toilet.

Most public facilities are closed in the UK due to the country’s blockade, but people can exercise and socialize outside, leading many to look for quiet public places if nature calls for a day.

“Disappointed to see so many handkerchiefs discarded today at the Estate. Along side paths and monuments. Remember that there are no public restrooms open for kilometers at the moment,” wrote Balmoral employees.

“Part of the problem is that we are seeing many non-biodegradable wipes being discarded in the field,” they added. “In addition, people are choosing to relieve themselves beside busy roads or monuments, instead of moving a little further away to avoid contamination.”

But the castle acknowledged that people may need to relieve themselves as they walk around the royal estate.

“If you need to pee, do it at least 30 meters from lakes or streams,” they added in a tweet on Sunday. “If you need to defecate, do it as far as possible from buildings, paths, waterways and farm animals. Bury the feces in a shallow hole and replace the grass.”

The hot climate in recent days has led many Britons to visit beaches, parks and rural areas across the country. A “major incident” was declared on Thursday in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, where thousands gathered on the beach.

The queen and family members spend several weeks a year on the 50,000-acre property in the Scottish Highlands.
She spent most of Britain’s confinement on another royal estate in Windsor, near London.

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