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OnePlus Band design and features confirmed by new OnePlus Health app

The OnePlus was long expected to launch its first wearable soon and leaks have been rife about what will be. Now it seems that even the company itself is throwing bread crumbs for us to follow, whether intentionally or not. She published a new OnePlus Health app on the Google Play Store for the public to see and, fortunately for us, it contains many clues about the next OnePlus Band, except perhaps its name.

Having your own health and fitness app is a clear sign of the arrival of an accessory geared to fitness. The app itself is not that remarkable and looks like any other healthcare app. However, it confirms the features that the OnePlus Band would have at launch.

There is, for example, heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring, as expected, but there is also confirmation of SpO2 measurement. The app also allows you to track your runs on a map and set daily goals, again, the basics of fitness apps.

The OnePlus Band will not only be a fitness tracker, but also a smartphone extension. This includes not only notification settings, but even clock face choices. It is also here that what is presumably the band OnePlus shows itself and it is not surprising that this can trigger a sense of déjà vu in some.

Assuming this is actually the OnePlus band, it has a frightening, but not unexpected, resemblance to the OPPO band itself. The OnePlus Health application itself is similar to the OPPO version, further consolidating family ties between the two companies. Not that it mattered to OnePlus customers who would undoubtedly try to get one anyway.

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