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OnePlus 8 OxygenOS 11 Beta wipes user data, fix sort of available

For a while, it looked like the dreaded OnePlus launch curse was finally gone forever, but as long as the OnePlus 8T remains unscathed, its predecessor may be the only one suffering from it. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro phones on the Open Beta channel recently received what was mistakenly labeled as a stable update to OxygenOS In addition to just a typo, however, the update actually ended up cleaning the phones of beta testers, and the OnePlus “fix” saves only a small number of those affected by this bug.

It was definitely surprising that a stable update was released for those in a beta test range, but that’s exactly what owners of OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have. After inadvertently installing the update and restarting the phone, they were surprised to find that the phone’s data had disappeared as if they had put the device back to the factory state. As expected, users were disgusted by this.

OnePlus withdrew the update, but not after it had already caused some damage. It also took a while to offer a small fix in the form of an APK that needs to be downloaded after accidentally installing the update. Unfortunately, this fix must be applied before the phone is restarted, otherwise it will be too late.

This fix will not save anyone who has already lost their data, especially for those whose phones installed the update overnight and automatically rebooted. Granted, beta testers are at risk of getting bad updates, so it’s still a good thing to do anyway. The fact that the APK “fix” is being offered through a Google Drive link instead of an official OnePlus feature is also causing surprise.

OnePlus has not yet explained what happened, assuming it really feels the need to go into detail about it. Given how OxygenOS 11 itself, with its new user experience, has already caused some controversy, this mishandling of an Open Beta problem almost adds insult to injury.

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