Officials deal with more than 200 people camping in the Lake District

National park police and officials capture people who violate coronavirus blocking rules

More than 200 people were arrested camping in the Lake District, 20 of whom were fined for having a party on one of the hills and others lighting bonfires on the summits.

The party took place on Saturday night in Catbells, one of the most popular hills in the Lakes, offering panoramic views over Keswick, Derwent Water and Borrowdale.

After weeks of complaints from residents about the garbage left by visitors, including wheeled suitcases and abandoned tents in the hills.

Officials from Lake District National Park, National Trust, Forestry England and Cumbria and county police spent Saturday night “educating” those who violated the blocking rules, banning overnight stays and fining those who refused to pack and return home.

Tony Watson, head of communications for Lake District National Park, tweeted: “Our teams and those of our partners talked to more than 200 individuals tonight. From 20 people partying in Catbells, people camping with campfires in mountain hills, people who have traveled miles on camping paths, to tarn drunk camps and everything.

“Many left politely after our teams and those of our partners talked to them. Those who would not follow a reasonable request were fined “.

He embarrassed a group that crushed wooden handrails and used them as firewood and another that set up camp in a dry reservoir just before a storm came.

Lake District residents have been horrified by the garbage left by visitors since Boris Johnson relaxed the blocking restrictions in May, telling people they could drive as far as they wanted to exercise.

Last week, a local hiker found an abandoned suitcase and tent at Angle Tarn, above the Patterdale valley.

“It is very disturbing. You are trying to understand that mentality,” Christine Kenyon, of Glenridding, told The Westmorland Gazette. and someone else will pick it up. There were towels and socks, pieces of fabric scattered about. I have lived here for 25 years and I came across garbage, but nothing like that. “

Cumbria police used social media to remind visitors that overnight stays in the Lake District are prohibited until July 4th.

In normal times, wild camps are only allowed in the highest places in the Lake District. “Even under normal circumstances, we cannot allow wild camps in lowland areas on our land, especially by the lake,” said the National Trust. “We are sorry to say that our rangers and national park partners spend hundreds of hours a week cleaning up leftover trash and equipment.”

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