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Oculus Facebook account requirement continues to confuse

From a purely commercial point of view, it’s no surprise that Facebook wants to unify all of its platforms under a single account. While he can’t really force it on Instagram and WhatsApp, especially not under intense scrutiny, he was able to get his hand on the relatively younger Oculus ecosystem. Whether Facebook and Oculus really thought about it or not, users are only now coming across the fine print about the Facebook account requirement to use Oculus devices and they are no good discovery.

It seems that even the Oculus team itself was confused by its own rules. For a brief moment, the Internet was on fire when Oculus Support revealed that you cannot use the same Facebook account on more than one Oculus device. This has the same implications as being limited to logging into Facebook on just one smartphone at a time.

Fortunately, this was apparently just a mistake, as the company clarified with Android Central. Unfortunately, another policy reported by HotHardware is not and presents in black and white. If you disable your Facebook account, you will not be able to use any Oculus products or even access your Oculus information.

On a technical level, this is understandable, as you only have a single account on Facebook and Oculus. On a practical level, it is almost absurd, as people may have reasons to disable their Facebook accounts that are not completely related to using an Oculus VR headset. Unfortunately, with this policy, there is no distinction between the two.

This is practically the same principle behind the previous confusion about new Facebook accounts being banned or flagged shortly after signing up to use a new Oculus Quest 2. It is almost as if the union of the two unrelated platforms had not really been thought of. properly. Either that or Facebook doesn’t really care or, worse, is intentionally doing this to impose its unrelated social network on Oculus users.

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