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NVIDIA SHIELD TV update fixes the controller bug

This week, NVIDIA released a significant update to the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device collection. This update is called SHIELD Experience Upgrade 8.2.1 (32.8.435.31) and is designed to address “many quality of life problems reported in the field” and improves stability and compatibility with “other devices in your home entertainment center”. This is not a beta update, it is a standard update for all NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices. You will see that the update will appear on the main home screen immediately, if not soon.

The full list of improvements included in this update is long – we are mainly interested in the fixes that come with accessory connections. If you are using infrared volume control, you may have noticed that the volume control stops when Talkback is on – this has been fixed. There is a correction for the “Long Touch Menu” function and there is a correction for the configuration of the IR control with older SHIELD remote controls and controllers.

Fixed a bug that deals with the IR control after the factory reset, and another one with the IR control was not available after changing the language to traditional Chinese. If you are working with the new SHIELD Remote 2019, there is a bug fix for the volume and play / pause buttons – BFGD style.

The most important fix – if you ask my family, is this: “[SHIELD TV 2019] Solves the problem where the IR control stopped working, requiring a reboot to recover. It plagued us for a while!

Other improvements include adding or controlling IR power for projector screens and power / volume for TV brands like Arris, Atyme, BC Acoustique, Dayton, Kora, Monoprice, ONN, Point Source Acoustics, Savant, Sennheiser, SMSL and Tascam.

This update adds a notification to enable AI upscaling when increasing GeForce NOW. This update improves system volume levels when the audio is routed to USB DAC or your favorite Bluetooth headset. If you’re interested in the developer’s options, this update adds the ability to force HDCP 1.4 compatibility mode – although it still doesn’t work with 4K protected content.

You’ll find the full list of improvements and tweaks in the NVIDIA hardware forums this minute. This is the latest update in a long line of updates for NVIDIA’s Android TV series called NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Take a look at the timeline below for more information on the latest updates for this series of devices.

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