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Nintendo Switch Year in Review could come as a pandemic shock

2020 is coming to an end quickly, but before that, Nintendo launched its Switch Year in Review website, which allows Switch owners to see a series of statistics about their year in games. Nintendo does this at the end of each year, showing Switch owners what games were played the most of the year, along with how many hours they played throughout the year. There are even some special Mario-themed stats for 2020, as this is Mario’s 35th birthday.

Accessing the change year review is a very easy process, as all you need to do is go to the Nintendo website and log into your Nintendo account. After doing this, you will see a lot of different statistics, with Nintendo starting to tell you what type of player you were in 2020 based on your game history. Apparently, I am a “main player”, although I don’t know what kind of qualification a main player has in this case, nor do I know what the other options are.

Following your player designation, you will be able to dive into your 2020 statistics. You will see the total hours played and the number of games you have played over the year, compared to the same statistics for 2019. We can probably expect that many players see an increase in total time played this year – perhaps even a shocking increase – thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that keeps many people confined throughout the year (and the fact that you can sink hundreds of hours in Animal Crossing also helps).

Next, Nintendo will show its most played games in 2020 for the total hours played – without actually showing how many hours you spent on each one, which is somewhat disappointing. You will also see a month-by-month breakdown of the hours played and learn the most active day of the year. Mine was Tuesday, April 7, which makes me think about what I was doing on that specific day.

The Year in Review ends by counting how many Super Mario games you’ve played over the year, along with how many Mario missions you’ve completed on My Nintendo. These are, of course, statistics inspired by the fact that this year is Mario’s 35th birthday, and 2020 was certainly a year in which many Mario games arrived on the Nintendo Switch.

In short, it is a good summary for anyone who owns a Switch, but personally, I would like to see even more statistics about my playing time if Nintendo is tracking these things anyway. If you’d like to check your own stats, click the link above and log in to your Nintendo account – but keep in mind that this Year in Review feature only seems to be available to players in the US and Canada for now.

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