Nintendo Switch Pro release may change your plans for gifting

The Nintendo Switch Pro – as they say it’s called – had a few more details released today, ahead of its release date in 2021. The Nintendo Switch saw a huge increase in sales after the global pandemic COVID-19 was established in 2020. Now , due in part to the extreme success of the Nintendo Switch in 2020, Nintendo apparently will launch the Nintendo Switch Pro in early 2021 with new Mini LED screen technology.

Would you wait a few more months to get a Nintendo switch just to make sure you have the newest, most colorful, sharpest and brightest screen? Would you wait the extra time just to see if a new Nintendo Switch will reduce the price of the first Nintendo Switch?

Now that it’s been several years since the launch of all other Nintendo game consoles, is it time to buy a state-of-the-art machine? It is also almost time for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 to see the initial release to the public. Is it time to switch to a non-switch?

A UDN report noted that the Nintendo Switch relies on display panels made mainly by Sharp and JDI (Japan Display Corporation). Both work with IGZO technology – and they obviously did well with the panel, as the machine is one of the best-selling game consoles of all time.

Nintendo is now talking to Innolux for Mini LED technology for the next Nintendo Switch console. This would probably be called Nintendo Switch Pro. It is possible that the launch of a Nintendo Switch Pro in 2021 will lower the price of the first Nintendo Switch.

It could also simply mean that Nintendo is ready to enter a higher price level with a “Pro” console, as its other two Nintendo Switch iterations continue to reach the price levels at which they have sold very well so far. We’ll see soon!

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