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New threat to summer holidays, as travel experts warn that travel to ‘green list’ countries may still be banned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Travel experts warned that summer holidays could be under threat if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to countries on the green list.

The government is preparing to lift the ban on international travel on May 17 and is finalizing plans for a ‘traffic light’ system to determine which countries will be authorized destinations.

However, experts warned of the confusion because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must publish its own advice, which may be different from the traffic light system.

This means that if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to a specific country, even if it is permitted by the traffic light system, the tourist may have his plans interrupted.

Most vacation companies do not operate services in countries that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised against visiting and going to a country against government guidelines, it will also invalidate travel insurance.

Holidaymakers face fresh confusion as travel experts have warned the Foreign Office could publish separate guidance from the traffic light system due to be finalised next month

Tourists face a new confusion, as travel experts warn that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may publish separate guidelines for the traffic light system, which is due to be finalized next month.

Source: Dailymail

According to the Times, even destinations on the green or amber list – where travel is permitted – may be banned if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to them.

His advice is based on factors such as the risk of individuals being trapped by Covid restrictions or the capacity and quality of health services in the country.

UK airline chief Tim Alderslade told The Times: ‘Green and yellow countries should not be caught in additional travel warnings.

“We need to see the alignment between the Foreign Office board and the traffic light system to provide clarity and transparency to consumers and operators.”

A source at the Foreign Office said: ‘The travel advice is an independent risk assessment [for] Britons traveling on board. It is an independent and reliable board and will remain so. ‘

The government is expected to finalize its traffic light system in the coming weeks with the green countries set for unrestricted travel, while the amber countries will mean that people must isolate themselves at home for ten days on their return.

Travelers from red list countries must be quarantined in a hotel. Most European countries are expected to be on the amber list.

Source: Dailymail

Countries that should be included in the green list include Portugal, Dubai and Malta.

The decision comes after Turkey announced that it has lifted all restrictions on British travel to the country.

UK visitors will not be required to present a Covid vaccine passport, but they will be required to provide proof of a negative PCR test.

The country also promises to provide tests to tourists before they return to the UK, with tests at hotels or airports costing around £ 25. So far, PCR tests for a family of four can cost up to £ 500.

Tui, the world’s largest tour operator, said he saw an increase in reservations for Turkey’s popular coastal resorts even before the announcement on Friday.

Travel consultancy PC Agency told MailOnline that it saw an increase in reservations for luxury villas in Greece, Portugal and Majorca after the Greek Minister of Tourism announced the plan to receive British tourists from mid-May.

Travel consultancy The PC Agency told MailOnline it had seen a spike in bookings for luxury villas in Greece, Portugal (pictured) and Mallorca in recent days
Source: Dailymail

The agency revealed that people are booking month-long trips and asking for Wi-Fi and a table, and are taking the whole family so they can be paid to work from home while on vacation.

The PC Agency also said it saw twice as many orders from Greek villages compared to previous years, with demand for full-service villages with chef, butler and housekeeper so tourists can stay away from busy restaurants.

The popular islands Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Crete are already full, with most of the 2020 reserves accumulated this year.

The British are also looking for properties on smaller islands, including Hydra, Paxos and Syros, which are out of the way and away from the crowds, according to The PC Agency.

The popular islands Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Crete are already booking quickly, with most of the 2020 reserves accumulated this year.

Turkey’s tourism minister, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, said that “successful vaccination programs in the UK and Turkey will ensure that this season is even safer than last year.”

Turkey has announced that British tourists will be welcome in the country this summer without having to show a vaccination certificate (pictured, Antalya)
Source: Dailymail

Ersoy added: ‘We are looking forward to welcoming British tourists with open arms, as we did safely last summer.

“We have world-class border processes in place to ensure that travel is low risk across Turkey.

“We are working with the British authorities to ensure that these necessary processes are world-class and as up to date as possible.

‘We are not going to require vaccination passports from international travelers when entering the country.’

A priority vaccination program is already underway so that employees of hotels and other tourist establishments receive a vaccine before the beginning of summer.

About 20,775,790 million doses of vaccination were administered in Turkey on April 22.

Tourists visiting Turkey are also receiving a special insurance package, starting at £ 12, which covers Covid-related expenses such as treatment, medications and emergency care costs that can be incurred if visitors are taken to a hospital state or private during your stay in the country.

A TUI spokesman said: ‘This is great news because our reserves for Turkey have been incredibly strong, second only to Greece.

‘We are committed to working closely with the government so that our customers can expect a much needed holiday abroad this summer.

And Bulgaria, eager to encourage tourists to its Black Sea resorts, has also announced that it will ease the rules for entry into the Balkan country as of May 1.

The country’s former Minister of Health, Kostadin Angelov, said that entry will be allowed for tourists who present a vaccination certificate, with a negative PCR or antigen test.

Tourists may alternatively provide evidence that they have recovered from coronavirus infection in the past six months.

Last week, Greece lifted quarantine restrictions for British travelers, increasing the prospect of holidaying in the Mediterranean country in less than a month if ministers lift the ban on travel abroad on May 17 – although tourists may face quarantine afterwards. to fly home.

It is extremely unlikely that Greece qualifies as a destination on the green list that does not require quarantine, because its current Covid prevalence of 271 cases per million is much higher than the level considered acceptable, which is around 50.

Covid’s laws mean that anyone caught taking a vacation abroad before the end of June currently faces a £ 5,000 fine.

But number 10 said ministers are now confident that the ban will be lifted on May 17 – the most optimistic date set in Boris Johnson’s script to ease the blockade.

So far, there has been no sign of the feared increase in Covid’s cases since the reopening of shops, gyms, hairdressers and outdoor hospitality last week – which could have hindered the script.

Asked about the May 17 target, the official PM spokesman said: ‘There is nothing in the data to suggest that we need to change the dates.’

The final decision will be made at the beginning of next month.

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