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Netflix original Cobra Kai will get its next season a week early

Netflix is ​​planning to launch the third season of its original hit series Cobra Kai a week earlier, the company announced. The show has received a lot of criticism from viewers and critics alike over the past two seasons, the reception probably due in part to the nostalgia for the 80s films on which the series is based.

Cobra Kai is a television series based on the Karate Kid films released in the 1980s. After decades, the series features William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprising their film roles, following the story from the point of view of the character Johnny Lawrence.

In the show’s first season, we see Lawrence reopening the Cobra Kai dojo, as well as his struggles to move forward with the tournament he lost in his youth and the revival of his rivalry with the character Daniel LaRusso. The events reach a critical point at the end of the second season. Both seasons started on YouTube Premium; the third season marks the real beginning of the show as a Netflix original.

The arrival of Cobra Kai in the third season will give viewers a glimpse of what follows the explosive confrontation at the end of the second season, as well as the drama that is forming, suggested with its surprising ending. According to Variety, the third season will open on January 1, a full week earlier.

As expected for a Netflix original, the full third season will be available for broadcast on the premiere date, which means you’ll have a great option to watch a socially distant new year. The new season will drop shortly after the premiere of the comedy Death to 2020 tomorrow and Nicolas Cage’s docuseries, History of Swearing, scheduled for late January.

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