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Modack may not face charges for Kinnear’s murder yet

Cape Town – The Directorate of Priority Criminal Investigations has now ruled out the murder of AGU Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear as one of the reasons for the alleged dramatic arrest of Underworld crime chief Nafiz Modack on Thursday.

The Hawks issued a new statement on Friday and removed Kinnear’s name and only mentioned the arrest in connection with the attempted murder of attorney William Booth.

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Modack is due to appear in court on Monday.

An acquaintance close to Modack revealed to Weekend Argus that the underworld figure was confident that he would get bail because of the “mess” of the charges.

He was also reportedly transferred to another detention cell unit over the weekend.

Hours after Modack and three others aged 29 to 49 were arrested in Century View on Thursday during a high-speed chase where illegal firearms were confiscated from inside vehicles, the Hawks issued a statement that the “capture “, related to the assassination attempt on Advocate William Booth and the murder of Kinnear.

Also in the statement on Thursday night was a comment from Police Minister Bheki Cele, who congratulated the team on the arrests, stating that Kinnear’s murder was not random, but a cruel act that was part of a conspiracy.

Modack was seen in several videos shared on social media, wearing a white T-shirt with the word “Boss” on it and a black jacket while being handcuffed by special forces.

On Friday, Colonel Katlego Mogale of the Hawks said he withdrew the first statement, but did not say why Kinnear’s name was excluded from the new version.

“The previous statement was withdrawn. The one sent a second time is the correct version, ”he said.

In the new statement, Colonel Mogale said that three people were arrested, not four, and that the three were due to appear at the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Monday on charges related to the attempted murder of a lawyer.

The list of charges includes conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, extortion and kidnapping.

“Three suspects aged 29 to 49 were arrested Thursday and earlier this morning (Friday) by the DPCI national task team, assisted by the Special Task Force SAPS, Anti Gang Unit, Vehicle Safeguard Unit and Crime Scene Management in the execution of six arrest warrants in the Western Cape, ”said Mogale.

“The prisons follow the cases of attempted murder of a lawyer, as well as gang-related extortion, kidnapping and intimidation in the Milnerton area.”

Modack knows the dock well.

Last year, he and three co-defendants were acquitted of extorting the Grand Africa Cafe & Beach in Cape Town.

Modack, Colin Booysen, Ashley Fields and Jacques Cronje were acquitted after the Cape Town Regional Court said they had very little evidence to prove the extortion.

The case against Modack’s security manager, Petrus Visser, is due to be heard on May 12.

Visser, accused of intimidation, allegedly threatened Captain Edward du Plessis, according to court documents.

The alleged threat was that he abstained from his investigation of the Kinnear case or the face being killed.

Visser reportedly called du Plessis, informing him that there were R1 million for his murder.

Visser is currently free on bail of R20,000.

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