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Minecraft Dungeons is getting a multiplayer surprise

It’s been a while since we last heard about Minecraft Dungeons, but today the Mojang folks made a big announcement about the game. It turns out that the multiplatform multiplayer is on its way to Minecraft Dungeons, and will arrive next week. This, of course, means that you can play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends, regardless of the platform they are playing on.

In a tweet posted today on the official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account, Mojang revealed that the multiplatform multiplayer mode will arrive in the game on November 17th. The feature will be activated on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One. There is no mention of Xbox Series X in the tweet, which leaves us wondering if the multiplatform multiplayer will work for this console as well.

In any case, Mojang has been quite busy with Minecraft Dungeons since its launch in May. In July, we saw the launch of the Jungle Awakens expansion, which brought three new missions, new enemies and a collection of new weapons, armor and artifacts. Jungle Awakens was quickly followed by Creeping Winter in September, adding three more missions and new enemies to defeat.

The DLC content does not stop with these two expansions, as Mojang is preparing to launch a third DLC package. This, called Howling Peaks, was announced last month. We will see the launch in December with new artifacts, enemies and wind mechanics.

So between the multiplatform multiplayer and the imminent release of Howling Peaks, it looks like Minecraft Dungeons is going to end the year strong. We’ll let you know when Microsoft and Mojang release more information about Minecraft Dungeons, but for now, expect the launch of multiplatform multiplayer mode next week.

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