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Microsoft will not fully reopen its offices until September 7, at least

Postponing your original July plan for a few months

Microsoft is delaying the full reopening of its offices – the company’s “Stage 6” phase of its hybrid workplace plan – until September 7, at the very least. This marks a delay compared to the window originally planned for July.

“Based on our ongoing consultation with health and data experts, we moved from our earliest date to the full opening of our workplaces in the USA to September 7, 2021. We continue to review the situation on a local basis in each region / country / state where we work and we will adjust dates by country as needed, ”confirmed a Microsoft spokesman to The Verge.

Source: The Verge

Microsoft Executive Vice President Kurt DelBene explained the decision to postpone the full reopening in an email to the team obtained by Business Insider: “We believe this date will provide additional flexibility for employees to make summer plans and we will continue to keep you updated if the date changes. ”In addition, the e-mail informs that Microsoft will give regional office leaders leeway to further delay that date, depending on health and safety conditions in their local area.

The company has already started to reopen in a limited capacity. In early March, the company noted that around 20 percent of its staff worldwide was back in the office, and it began to slowly reopen its headquarters in Redmond and Seattle, Washington, on March 29.

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